Fatty Liver sawiq




Fatty liver stalk is a dream of health, a combination of senna, black seed, rosemary and barley stalk. Each of these plants has specific therapeutic benefits.

Black seed along with honey is one of the most important drugs recommended and used in traditional medicine and the treatment of many diseases. This plant has dark seeds and its ground form is also used in spices. Black seed purifies the blood and is very useful for the liver.

Senna is a plant with medicinal properties that is native to India and Africa. The Iranian species of this plant occurs in the south of Iran and the Persian Gulf. Senna is anti-constipation and is very useful for skin problems. This plant helps heal wounds and inflammation. It is also an anti-lipid and blood purifier.

Mohammadi flower has been cultivated in the foothills of central Iran and Alborz since ancient times. Mohammadi flower also relieves constipation and is useful for treating digestive problems. Mohammadi flower perfume also has healing properties; Relieves depression and anxiety. One of the most important properties of this flower is cleansing the liver and gallbladder.
Barley is also one of the most important and ancient grains used by humans. It is a very energetic plant. Barley bran is a rich source of phosphorus and calcium, thus strengthening teeth and preventing osteoporosis. It makes the body resistant and prevents cardiovascular diseases by lowering blood cholesterol levels.

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